COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed the entire world. In India, about 400 million workers in the informal economy are at the risk of falling deeper into poverty during this crisis. Though the Government is taking commendable measures to reach out to the vulnerable families, the need is immense. Hence every helping hand needs to be deployed to support these families in this time of crisis.

Till date, Habitat for Humanity has served over 6,00,000 individuals by providing them with hygiene kits, family essential kits, conditional cash transfers, behavior change communication, and setting up Habitat Care Centres. We have reached out to the migrant workers, commercial sex workers, daily wage earners, people living with disability, adivasis and other vulnerable communities.

Our Pathways to Permanence strategy aims to place the families affected by the COVID-19 induced lockdown on a path to a durable housing and housing eco-system related solutions in a phase-wise manner. In phase 1, Habitat India is providing immediate relief to people. In phase 2, Habitat will create a safety-net for vulnerable and marginalized families required to transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic. In phase 3, Habitat will build housing and housing eco-system related solutions for families.

NDTV and Habitat for Humanity India will broadcast a half an hour show titled ‘Rebuilding India: Brick by Brick’. The program will focus on the role played by Habitat for Humanity India to support vulnerable communities during the lockdown. It will highlight housing and housing eco-system related solutions for the families from the bottom of the pyramid devised by Habitat India in its Pathways to Permanence strategy.

Date: 4th July 2020

Time: 7:30 pm



Niranjan Hiranandani
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Hiranandani Group of Companies
Vijay Sethi
Chief Innovation Officer, Head of CSR, Chief of Human Resources
Hero Motocorp
Priyanka Kripalani
Country Head, India
CIPA S.A.S. (France)
Rajan Samuel
Managing Director
Habitat for Humanity India