Are you ready to spread smiles on the faces of vulnerable families, by walking miles?
Join us for our Smiles Through Miles Challenge!

Launching on 2nd October 2021, we invite you to walk 50km in 30 days with Habitat for Humanity India, raising one rupee minimum for every mile you walk!

As you walk, you could:

Click here to register and join us for the challenge of a lifetime!

Download the StepSetGo App from the Google Play Store/Appstore, to track your steps and participate in the challenge.

Registration Fee Category 1: INR 500
Registration Fee Category 2: INR 2000

Registrations End: 30th September 2021
Challenge Begins on the StepSetGo App: 2nd October 2021
Challenge Ends: 31st October 2021

Those who register for INR 500 and complete 20 KM, will be eligible for an e-certificate and a medal.

There are a lot of prizes you can win when you register for INR 2000 for the Smiles Through Miles Challenge!
Challenge Milestones

10 KM (13,123 steps): E-Certificate
20 KM (26,246 steps): E-Certificate + Medal
30 KM (39,370 steps): E-Certificate + Medal + T-Shirt
40 KM (52,493 steps): E-Certificate + Medal + T-Shirt + Sipper
50 KM (65,617 steps): E-Certificate + Medal + T-Shirt + Sipper + Trophy

You can also join our crowdfunding for this challenge and win prizes!
Crowdfunding Milestones
INR 13,123: Bluetooth Headphone
INR 26,246: Bluetooth Speaker
INR 39,370: Smart Watch
INR 52,493: Printer
INR 65,617: Tablet


For more details, please contact Sameer Shrivastav at [email protected]

Terms & Conditions 

  1. All participants are required to register at this link
  2. Participants have to measure their miles on the StepSetGo application from the Google Play Store/Appstore. 
  3. All participants will be issued a unique code by Habitat India to log their miles on the StepSetGo application.
  4. Only data generated by the StepSetGo app will be eligible for gratification. No other application will be eligible for gratification. 
  5. All participants will take part in the Smile Through Miles Challenge entirely at their own risk, and are 100% responsible for selecting a safe route to run.  Do not run in unsafe places. 
  6. Prizes will be awarded on the basis on the completion of the challenge.
  7. Habitat India accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained whilst taking part in any of the challenge categories.
  8. Habitat India welcomes all children participating in this challenge, but advise that they should be accompanied and closely supervised by parents/guardians at all times.
  9. The Smiles Through Miles Challenge is not a competitive event therefore there will be no winner in any category for the same. 
  10. Tag us @HabitatIndia in your photos of the challenge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!