Solid Ground is a global advocacy campaign created by Habitat for Humanity to improve policies and systems that increase access to land for shelter for 10 million people. Housing accounts for more than 70 percent of land use in most cities, yet 1 billion people in cities around the world lack secure land rights.

To achieve the vision of a world where everyone has access to land for shelter, Solid Ground focuses on four primary areas:

  1. Gender equality is vital. Women are half the global population, yet are routinely and systematically denied their right to land.
  2. Slum upgrading is critical. This is a smarter and more sustainable alternative to eviction as the world urbanizes. At the current pace, nearly one in every four people could live in a slum by 2030.
  3. Secure tenure is the ability to live without fear of eviction. With security of tenure, people are more likely to invest in their families, homes and futures.
  4. Disaster resilience is essential. Nearly 200 million people per year are affected by disasters, and secure land rights are often a major obstacle to reconstruction.

In India, Habitat is serving as a local convener of local government, civil society and local residents. This has resulted in more than 900 people from the Irula tribe gaining secure tenure through the provision of land titles.

Most recently, Rajan Samuel, Habitat for Humanity India’s managing director, won the first Asia Aid & International Development Forum’s Innovator of the Year Award. He was recognized for operationalizing Habitat's global advocacy for smart systems and policies that improve access to decent and affordable shelter on the ground.

Watch our film to realise the impact made by Habitat for Humanity India’s Solid Ground Campaign: