In a wonderful show of generosity and in the spirit of giving, more than 19,000 individuals across the country partnered with The Alpha Urbane Project (TAUP), spearheaded by Founder Aditya Madnani and core team members Yuga Banerjee, Alcuin Deverell Moras, Abhay Tole Trivedi and Jai Shah to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity India’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response.

The fundraising campaign was launched in May 2020, with 1646 campaigners from 24 schools and groups raising over INR 4.90 crore as of 27th August 2020.

“A few days ago, the son of my domestic help had to vacate his place of residence in Mumbai as he was being mistreated. I was really happy that Habitat India reached out to him in his native place and supported him,” says Kiyaan Ajinkya, Grade 9, The Bombay International School.

The support from TAUP has helped Habitat India serve thousands of vulnerable daily wage labourers and marginalised families with Hygiene and Family Essential Kits amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. On behalf of the vulnerable families and Habitat for Humanity India, we would like to thank you for your belief in us.

“As the founder of a youth leadership organisation, it is with great pride that I am able to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity India. To know we have made a tangible difference in the lives of so many elates all of us, but we know there is much left to do. We shall continue to make a positive impact on those burdened by the struggles of this trying time,” stated Aditya Madnani, Founder and President of The Alpha Urbane Project.