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We Build | October 2022
We Build: October 2022


Dear Friends,

The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October of every year as World Habitat Day to reflect on the state of our habitats, and on the basic right of all to adequate shelter. 

World Habitat Day was first celebrated in 1986 with the theme ‘Shelter is My Right’. This year, the theme is ‘Mind the Gap. Leave No One and Place Behind’ to draw attention to the growing inequalities and vulnerabilities that have been exacerbated by the triple ‘C’ crises — COVID-19, climate and conflict. 

As a global housing organisation, the observance of World Habitat Day is a poignant reminder of why we do what we do. In India, there is a significant gap between demand and supply of housing for those in the Low Income Group and Economically Weaker Section. The need is more than ever. While the Government and many non-governmental organisations have worked to address this inequity, the demand for a safe and decent shelter continues to grow multifold. Habitat aspires to a world where everyone has a decent place to live, yet recognizes that 1.6 billion people globally live without decent shelter. The Government of India has extended its Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) under the ‘Housing for All’ mission to reach out to the families in need of decent shelter. 

Habitat India has contributed to this mission in a significant way. Till date we have helped 6,22,736 families build or improve a home of their own. We have supported 14,57,744 people rebuild their lives in the aftermath of natural disasters. 16,97,157 people have been served through our COVID-19 response. Our work has resulted in a continuum of families getting access to Housing Support Services such as housing finance, technical and design support, handholding to access Government welfare schemes such as the PMAY. Since 1983, Habitat for Humanity has supported more than 38 million people across India. 

Because of COVID-19, everyone has been forced to consider the importance of a home. Around the world, everyone is looking for ways to bring light and hope. Habitat has been bringing light and hope through shelter for 39 years and we will continue to do so in partnership with families in the country. Our recent groundbreaking to build 125 homes in Nashik, Maharashtra is a testament to our commitment to see a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Rajan Samuel, MD

In partnership

Dr. Rajan Samuel
Managing Director
Habitat for Humanity India

Families Celebrate World Habitat Day in Their New Home!

Families Celebrate World Habitat Day in Their New Home!

On 28th September 2022, Habitat for Humanity India in partnership with LG Electronics completed the ‘Life’s Good: Hope Village’ project in Dehane and Kharoshi villages located in Khed block of Pune district, Maharashtra. Through this project, Habitat India aimed at holistic development of the villages by building healthy homes, sanitation units for families and schools, and access to solar energy.

The first phase of the project was completed in September 2021 in Kharoshi village with the construction of 12 new homes equipped with sanitation units and solar home lighting systems; 15 individual household latrines; installation of solar streetlights in 6 locations; and infrastructure development of Kharoshi’s Zilla Parishad School.

In the second phase of the project, which was implemented between October 2021 and September 2022 in Dehane village, 5 new homes equipped with sanitation units, bathrooms, and solar lighting systems have been handed over to 5 low-income families. Additionally, a 260-square-feet sanitation complex was handed over to the Dehane Zilla Parishad School which will benefit 101 students as well as the teachers.

“We are a family of six and used to live in our old house made of mud walls. The heavy rains had weakened the structure. Santosh, my husband, and I have struggled a lot and saved money multiple times, but it was never enough to repair the home let alone building a new home. The new home is beautiful with all the facilities which I had always dreamt of. My children are very happy. Our girls feel safer to have the sanitation facilities within the home.”Sarika Khade, Habitat Homeowner.

 We thank LG Electronics, Habitat for Humanity Korea and Community Chest of Korea.

Voices From The Field
Voices From The Field Gauri Barku Kamble Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Gauri Barku Kamble, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mohite Patil Vidyalaya is a government-aided school located in Navi Mumbai. The school is set up in a shopping complex. The shops are converted into classrooms and students are studying in a makeshift environment. To make matters worse, the school did not even have a decent sanitation unit. The lavatories were divided by partitions and did not have a door. Students used a common tap for handwashing and drinking water. There was no separate facility for water storage.  

Habitat for Humanity India built an improved sanitation complex for the school. It has 5 lavatories and a handwashing unit. In addition to this, a water storage facility and drinking water facility are also provided to the school.

“I feel safe and stress-free as I have access to a clean and better sanitation facility. Earlier, the area around the sanitation unit had a foul smell and I would prefer not to use the washroom. Now my friends and I do not hesitate before using the washroom.”Gauri Kamble, Class 7, Mohite Patil Vidyalaya, Navi Mumbai.

Building Sanitation Complexes in schools is an important aspect of Habitat’s work under its WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) program. It ensures that students have access to improved sanitation units in the schools where they spend a large part of their time. Habitat believes in building healthy housing ecosystems which support safe, decent homes with better sanitation, ease of access to water, and better community facilities to build a healthier India.

voices from the feild

Chairperson of Habitat India’s Board of Trustees appointed to ISAC

Mrs. Sheila Kripalani, Chairperson of Habitat India’s Board of Trustees

Mrs. Sheila Kripalani, Chairperson of Habitat India’s Board of Trustees has been appointed as an Asia-Pacific member on the International Strategic Advisory Council (ISAC). Habitat for Humanity International’s Chief Operating Officer Patrick Canagasingham nominated Mrs. Kripalani along with Jo Hayes, Chief Executive Officer of Habitat Hong Kong. They were selected from among strong nominations from around the world including the Asia Pacific region.

The ISAC is a forum for national leaders to guide the global network of Habitat for Humanity and will provide the opportunity for deeper global conversations aimed toward Habitat’s programmatic strategy. The ISAC will meet in person in Atlanta from December 12 to 14, 2022.

Habitat India presented HSS Innovations at the Odisha PMAY Workshop

Habitat India presented HSS Innovations at the Odisha PMAY Workshop

In the state-level capacity-building workshop for City Level Technical Cell professionals organized by Odisha Urban Housing Mission, Justin Jebakumar, Director – Government Relations, Habitat for Humanity India spoke about Habitat’s Odisha Gruhabikas Program.

The Odisha Gruhabikas Program (OGP) was started by Habitat in Puri and Konark region to support the State Government’s vision of creating a slum-free Odisha by transforming slums into livable habitats. Through this unique HSS model, Habitat India mobilizes the community, builds their capacity, provides construction and technical support, monitors progress and quality along with the facilitation of gap-funding to ensure that people are able to complete their homes. Till the end June 2022, Habitat India has helped 81 urban slum dwellers build new homes under OGP.

We thank our partners Hilti Foundation, Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation (SMHFC), J. K. Lakshmi Cement and Sa-dhan and for their invaluable support.

Housing Updates
Royal Enfield Supports Holistic Development in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu

Royal Enfield Supports Holistic Development in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu

On 21st September 2022, a community sanitation block, rooftop rainwater harvesting systems for 350 households, 200 Individual Household Latrines (IHHLs), 20 street solar lights, 2 RO units, a renovated school, and an Anganwadi centre was handed over to the people of Oragadam in a Dedication Ceremony at Oragadam and Appur village in Tamil Nadu. The villagers are excited about the community infrastructure especially about the Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) facility that produce potable water from the surrounding air.

Habitat India also trained the community in sanitation and hygiene habits through BCC (Behavior Change Communication) sessions.

To ensure the sustainability of the community infrastructure, Habitat India empowered the villagers to form 3 Self Help Groups (SHGs) that will manage operations and maintenance of the facilities provided through a social enterprise model.

We thank our donor Royal Enfield for their support. Mr. Rajarethinam, Plant HR Head; Mr. Alex Vijay, Head CSR (South) represented Royal Enfield for the dedication ceremony. Mr. P. Pandiyan, President of Oragadam Panchayat, Mr. Kumaraswamy, President of Appur Gram Panchayat, and Mr. P. Santhanan, Community Leader of Appur took part in the ceremony along with other community members.

Students Help Students with Access to Health and Hygiene Items

Students Help Students with Access to Health and Hygiene Items

On 2nd September 2022, Hygiene Kits were distributed to 150 girls studying in Zilla Parishad High School, Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) under Habitat’s ‘Stay at School’ campaign. The students of Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam raised the resources through a crowdfunding activity.

“When a girl child is educated, she empowers her entire society. I believe in the power of small change, and I know that every single rupee makes a difference,” says Aasritha Pattipati an IBDP year 1 student from Oakridge, Visakhapatnam who mobilized resources from her friends and family for the cause.

Monsoon Shelter Umbrella Campaign 2022

Monsoon Shelter Umbrella Campaign 2022

Habitat for Humanity India launched its Monsoon Shelter – An Umbrella Campaign in July 2022. The campaign invites IB schools to partner with Habitat India under their Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program. Partnership with Habitat India allows school students to raise their voices for the cause of housing, sanitation and play an active part in building homes for underprivileged families.

B. D Somani International School, Oberoi International School, The Cathedral and John Connon School (Mumbai), Full Stop Group (Bengaluru), and Strawberry Fields High School (Chandigarh) have partnered with Habitat under the campaign. To know more, write to Mr. Sameer Srivastava at [email protected]

Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

Assam Flood Response Appeal

Assam Flood Response Appeal

The floods may be over in Assam but it has left a lot of devastation in its trail. The people of Assam have lost their loved ones, homes, and livelihoods and are in distress. Habitat India is responding to this emergency through Humanitarian Aid Kits and Emergency Shelter Kits as a part of our immediate response. Our long-term goal is to build disaster resilient home. But we can’t do this alone. We need your support.

Habitat for Humanity places the families affected by natural disasters on a path to durable and sustainable shelter solutions in a phase-wise manner through its Pathways to Permanence disaster response strategy.

To donate, visit https://habitatindia.org/campaigns/assam-flood-response-appeal/

To support us through CSR, please get in touch with:
Suprita Tambe (Director – Resource Development Support): [email protected]
Mohan D'souza (Director – Corporate Partnership and Direct Marketing): [email protected]

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