Project Nirmanshree

Project Nirmanshree seeks to empower groups of marginalized women by creating economic opportunities and improving access to services and entitlements related to housing, including drinking water, sanitation, and energy.

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Leadership Announcement

We are delighted introduce Anand Kumar Bolimera as the new National Director of Habitat for Humanity India! With over 25 years of experience, Anand is poised to lead us into a new era of impact and growth. Read the full statement.


Golf for Humanity

Habitat Charity Golf Tournament is back. Play your favourite game and help vulnerable families build homes. When you play golf with Habitat for Humanity India, everyone wins – each one of you and most importantly, the families we work with at the grassroots!

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Witness Ravindra’s Remarkable Journey to a New Home

Habitat India aids underprivileged families in Khed, Pune, Maharashtra. Teaming up with CP Kelco, we've built 12 homes in Awhat village.

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Millions of families in India still don’t have access to decent shelter and sanitation facilities. This means no place for children to study, an unsafe environment for women, and poor basic hygiene.

Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Housing changes lives

Secure place to study

1 in 3 children drop out before elementary school because they don’t have a secure space to study or access to sanitation facilities. Building homes, and equipping schools with sanitation units help children continue their education.

Safer spaces for women

The lack of decent sanitation facilities mean that women have to defecate in the open. They go early in the morning or wait till nightfall, in fear of being seen. Installing units allows them easy access and makes them feel safer.

Healthier communities

Open defecation leads to the spread of illnesses and higher mortality rates. Driving usage of these sanitation facilities helps build healthy and hygienic communities.

Unique Homes

We conduct detailed assessments of the community and its members to better understand their needs. This helps us build homes that match their lifestyle and needs.

We work with corporate partners, implementation partners and governments to widen our reach

We work with corporate partners, implemen- tation partners and governments to widen our reach

We implement with partners

We provide technical and financial resources to a construct a home, and work with trusted NGOs at the grassroots level. This helps us get a better understanding of the community and ensures successful implementation.

We form coalitions

We bring multiple organisations having a common objective together, to support our implementation and advocacy efforts. This increases the scale and the impact of our work.

We work on-ground

We directly reach out to key stakeholders within communities to assess the needs, and undertake the entire project - from planning to implementation.

Our people-centered approach puts families on a new path

We adopt a needs-based approach

We conduct detailed assessment of community members to understand their needs. This helps us build homes in accordance with their requirements, whether it is the house layout or a solar panel.

We work on changing behaviour

Building a sanitation unit alone doesn’t ensure it is usage, as there are still apprehensions on how to use them. We engage communities in a Behaviour Change Communication Program to drive usage.

We build sustainable communities

Our programs are designed to instil a sense of ownership for the homes within the community through financial contribution and savings for repairs & improvements.

In the past 40 years, we have worked across India to help over 38 million people live in better conditions.


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All efforts of Habitat for Humanity India are supported by independently sourced funding. There is still a lot of work needing support.

Your contribution will help us increase our reach and impact.