Habitat for Humanity is committed to supporting a respectful and ethical workplace, safeguarding the rights of those we serve, and properly stewarding our donors’ funds and resources. In service to that commitment, and in accordance with its foundational mission principles, Habitat for Humanity India opposes any form of discrimination, harassment, exploitation and abuse.

This guidance is intended for all employees, volunteers, program participants, donors and vendors, as well as members of the public who engage with Habitat India.

Habitat for Humanity India is an independent organization that is overseen by a board of directors and governed by its own policies. If you have a complaint about Habitat for Humanity India, please contact us at (+91) 22 67846836 to discuss the issue or concern.

If you believe your concern cannot be adequately addressed or resolved by the national organization, or if your concern relates to Habitat India’s leadership (Chair of Board of Trustees or Managing Director), notify Habitat for Humanity International by following the process outlined on Habitat.org. Habitat is committed to addressing all complaints in a timely, fair and respectful manner through a process that is as transparent as possible to Habitat stakeholders.

The reporting channels listed below are not intended to address emergencies or to be a substitute for contacting law enforcement. If you are facing a life-threatening emergency or believe you are facing the threat of imminent bodily harm, please contact your local police or emergency responders immediately.

Suspected illegal or unethical activity

Habitat for Humanity International maintains a confidential reporting line for use by anyone who has a serious concern or wishes to remain anonymous. If your concern encompasses any of the following topics, please report it using the Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line (formerly known as the MySafeWorkplace® Ethics and Compliance Portal) as soon as possible.

•  Discrimination (alleging on basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin or age).
•  Harassment/bullying.
•  Sexual exploitation and abuse.
•  Bribery/kickbacks.
•  Whistleblower retaliation.
•  Misstatements in financials.
•  Falsification of official records or reporting.
•  Work site violence or other incident involving serious bodily injury or death.
•  Conflict of interest.
•  Legal or regulatory violations.
•  Criminal activities.
•  Data security breaches.
•  Any significant or chronic compromise of work site safety.

Such complaints will be reviewed and managed by an independent team of investigators in Habitat for Humanity International’s Governance, Risk Management and Compliance department. This team will ensure that the matter is handled sensitively and confidentially, consistent with the priorities of protecting Habitat stakeholders and ensuring Habitat for Humanity International’s adherence to its legal and ethical obligations.

The Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line accepts information in most major languages. Reports can be made online or via telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

•  Report a claim online using the Habitat Ethics and Accountability Line.
•  Telephone: (+91) - 337 127 9005
•  Telephone: 0008001003428 / 0008001004175