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Over the years, we have established partnerships with more than 350 businesses.

We are building a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Through our housing and sanitation programs we are able to create clean, safe and secure spaces for women, children and families in need of decent shelter.

Your CSR contribution makes a
tangible impact

87% Allocated For Programs

87% of all funds raised are deployed towards program costs. We maximise use of your funds to help families in needs.

1 Rupee worth 38 Rupees

For every rupee donated, we are able to leverage upto thirty eight rupees from government bodies.

100% Independently Funded

All efforts of Habitat India are supported by independently sourced funding. There is still a lot of work needing your support.

Your support will help us transform lives across India

Secure place to study

1 in 3 children drop out before elementary school because they don’t have a secure space to study or access to sanitation facilities. Building homes, and equipping schools with sanitation units helps children continue their education.

Safer spaces for women

The lack of decent sanitation facilities mean that women have to defecate in the open. They go early in the morning or wait till nightfall, in fear of being seen. Sexual assaults are common as they go to secluded places.

Healthier communities

Open defecation leads to the spread of illnesses and a higher mortality rate. Building and driving usage of these sanitation facilities build healthy and hygienic communities.

Better Livelihoods

We carry out a detailed assessment of the community and its members to better understand their needs, so we may build a home that matches their lifestyle.

We are a specialised team collaborating with the government and implementation partners to have a wider reach.

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Some of the largest and most diverse groups of people have come together to support us in making this happen.

Engage in our Corporate
Volunteering Program

Our corporate volunteering program gives employees the opportunity to travel to parts of the country they wouldn’t have otherwise visited, and physically build homes with communities who come from a completely different background. It forges strong bonds with their peers, and enables them to make a visible difference to someone’s life.

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