Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

Building Pathways to Permanence for families affected by disasters

Losing a home in the event of a disaster leaves families shattered. We respond to disasters and humanitarian emergencies by leveraging our expertise in affordable shelter, sanitation and housing assistance.

Pathways to Permanence

Safe, decent shelter provides the platform upon which much of post-disaster assistance is built: health, water, sanitation, livelihoods, safety, education, financial inclusion etc. To support these crucial processes, the Pathways to Permanence strategy places affected families on a path to permanent shelter solutions.


When disaster strikes, our rapid response team does an immediate analysis of the housing needs and provides a humanitarian aid kit to the affected families. The kit helps with basic food needs, water and protection from the ongoing disaster.


Once people begin recovering from the initial loss, we construct transitional shelters using locally available materials, tools and technologies to help families build temporary homes. It provides a safe, secure and healthy living environment.


We work with the government and our corporate partners to build new permanent disaster-resilient homes for affected families. It provides them with a strong foundation to rebuild their lives.

Disaster Risk Reduction

We make systemic efforts to reduce vulnerability in families and their properties in disaster-prone areas. This is supported through our committed, long-term partners.

Build Disaster Resistant Homes

We build safe and disaster-resistant homes or retrofit improvements on existing houses. This increases the resistance to damage.

Community Based Disaster Risk Management

Communities are the first to respond when disaster strikes. We conduct training programs to improve their preparedness. This helps them respond effectively and mitigates the impact considerably.

Our disaster management initiatives are lead by a group of highly trained specialists

They have over 20 years of experience in responding to and mitigating disasters.

From floods, to earthquakes, and droughts our team of experts can adeptly respond at critical times.

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We have helped over 15,23,480 families rebuild their lives after a disaster

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Our response to disasters over the years


Assam Flood Response

2572 Humanitarian Aid Kits (HAKs) distributed.


Cyclone Amphan, West Bengal

130 Transitional Shelters, 13,509 HAKs and Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs)


COVID-19 Response

16,94,071 individuals served with Hygiene Kits, Family Essential Kits, conditional cash transfers, behaviour change communication training and by setting up Habitat Care Centres.


India Floods

52,030 First Responders’ Kits 4546 Humanitarian Aid Kits 239 Conditional Cash Transfer


Odisha Cyclone Fani

15,000 First Responders’ Kits 8,443 Humanitarian Aid Kit. 154 disaster resilient homes


Kerala Floods

37,263 Humanitarian Aid Kits including Emergency Shelter Kits 1,16,956 First Responders’ Kits 338 New Houses and Repairs. 198 Livelihood Support.


Bihar Floods

Humanitarian Aid Kits to 1100 families


Assam Flash Floods

Humanitarian Aid Kits to 3332 families and emergency shelter kits to 1200 families


Manipur Earthquake

51 home repairs and 1 community center


Tamil Nadu Floods

Humanitarian aid kits for 7000 families. Homes built and repaired for 671 families and 356 Sanitation Units


Hudhud Cyclone, Andhra Pradesh

Built 83 new homes and 1 community hall


Jammu & Kashmir Floods

Provided new homes and emergency shelter kits for 1,100 families


Uttarakhand Floods

Provided new homes and emergency shelter kits for 582 families


Phalin Cyclone, Odisha

Provided emergency kits for 611 families


Thane Cyclone, Tamil Nadu

Provided emergency shelter kits 
for 1,000 families


Assam Flash Floods

Provided emergency shelter kits for 169 families


Leh Flash Floods

Built 24 new homes


Andhra Pradesh Floods

Worked on 306 new homes and repairs.


Karnataka Floods

Worked on 161 new homes and repairs


Maharashtra Floods

Worked on 190 new homes and repairs


Tsunami, Tamil Nadu

Worked on new homes and repairs for 13,1081 people


Gujarat Earthquake

Built 600 new homes


Odisha Super Cyclone

Built 73 new homes

We have been actively working towards building a self-sustained ecosystem

Advocating for better construction practices

We are advocating for the widespread implementation of cost effective designs, technologies and construction materials to be more actively used in disaster prone areas.

Campaigning for better insurance plans

We are working with the government, and both public and private insurance companies to provide new insurance packages to families in risk prone areas.

Investing in capacity building

We are continuously investing in improving our own knowledge and skills and that of our implementation partners.