The need for progress and compassion drives Vidhya (13), daughter of Moorthi and Vanitha, a part of the Irula tribal community in Keelalinjipattu, Tamil Nadu. “From the time I was born in the Irula community, I lived in what one would call a dilapidated hut, not too different from being homeless. My parents tried their best to provide my brother Sundaramoorthy and me with three square meals a day, even if that meant skipping some meals in the day themselves,” said Vidhya, remembering the past.

Habitat for Humanity India worked to help 22 families in Keelalinjipattu secure land with support from the district administration. Post this, Habitat India worked to build homes with these families to help them live in decent shelter. “I believe in the power of hope as I have seen our houses transform from a 150 square feet thatched hut that was always damp, dark and dingy without electricity, to a brick and mortar structure that is safe for dwelling. If such changes are possible, why not work hard and make everything you dream of, a reality?” says a beaming Vidhya.

Vidhya dreams of being a nurse, hoping that her caring nature and healing skills will benefit her community. Her new Habitat home helps her to study in a safe and secure space. “Because of Habitat India, I see a glimpse of the new world I have always longed for - a world where a girl like me is no longer worthless, a liability or a burden. Instead I am a person of use, of value, of worthiness. You have provided me with  wings, all I need to do now is take flight,” says Vidhya with a radiant smile.