“The earthquake was massive. My family was completely helpless. All we could do at that time was pray to the God to save our lives if not the belongings. We could see the walls collapse, foundation sinking and the floors cracking”

Said Pouheamlunglu Kamei as she recalled that unfortunate day when Manipur was struck with a destructively massive earthquake in January 2016. Pouheamlunglu Kamei hails from an agricultural family and lives in Longmai-1 village at Tamenglong district, Manipur. Her husband passed away few years ago.

After the earthquake, Pouheamlunglu lived with her daughter and her four sons at the Relief Camp set up in Longmai-1 for nearly 20 days. The earthquake damaged her home. Her children were scattered across the village looking for help and support from outside. The family approached a local NGO in Manipur which directed them towards Habitat for Humanity India.

After the initial assessment, Habitat India repaired the homes of 51 families in Manipur. Pouheamlunglu’s home was part of this project.

She narrates, “I never thought that my house would be repaired so quickly. And this was made possible by the immense support that we received from Habitat for Humanity India. It was a big relief to move back into our own home from the relief camp.”

Pouheamlunglu and the family have moved back in their home. On their agricultural land, they grow rice, banana and chilli most of which is used for household consumption.