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We Build | May 2022
We Build: May 2022


Connect the Right Dots.

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Habitat for Humanity India! 
In the second week of April, I was in Atlanta, Georgia to represent Habitat India at the Habitat Affiliate Conference 2022. I had the opportunity of presenting our work in Odisha through the Odisha Gruhabikas Project, one of the four innovations globally chosen for a showcase at the conference. The project is a result of synergy achieved through collaboration. Tapping government subsidies and accessing gap-funding through our housing finance partner Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation Limited has enabled us to provide housing for low-income families in Odisha at scale. HomeHub app used extensively in this project, gave us the tool for tracking construction progress, monitoring and quality control.

At the conference, Habitat International CEO Jonathan Reckford stressed on the conference theme of ‘Build more, serve more. Be the Change.’ My takeaway is the need to work on collaboration, convergence and commitment to our mission as the key drivers to achieve scale, sustainability and impact in our work through which we can build more, serve more and be the change in the community. Collaboration within the region and across the board, convergence where learnings and best practices are shared freely within the network, fused by the unrelenting commitment to the mission can take us further toward the vision of ensuring that everyone has a place to call home.

Upon my return, I attended the North and Northeast Block Programs Workshop on the 21st of April. In the meeting with our staff, I spoke about competency, capacity and creativity to ensure that we connect the right dots. This would mean we not only think outside the box but think in a new box should the need arise.

I also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ma. Subramanian, Honourable Minister for Health, Health Education and Family Welfare, Tamil Nadu at his office to hand over medical equipment for the venerated Tambaram TB Sanatorium (also known as Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine) in Tamil Nadu. Established in 1928, the Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine is one of the oldest medical institutions in the country. Dr. Sridhar, Medical Superintendent of the hospital was also present in the program. Dr. Sridhar and his team have cared for over 500 daily in-patients during the pandemic. This support will augment their capacity in the fight against COVID-19.

I am apprised of the hardships many in this community have faced at the height of the pandemic, with some families having to travel almost 5 hours just to check their blood-oxygen levels. This support of capacity building, community engagement and creation of community capital complements our work with the marginalized communities through the provision of state-of-the-art equipment for hospitals serving and inoculating vulnerable communities especially the Irula tribals who were vaccine-hesitant because of lack of awareness. This is how we ensure the last-mile delivery of services to people in need. This is how we connect the right dots to build strength, stability and self-reliance among the communities we work with.

On the occasion of May Day, we wish you and your family good health and good fortune.

Rajan Samuel, MD

In partnership

Dr. Rajan Samuel
Managing Director
Habitat for Humanity India

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Muthoot Finance partners with Habitat India to Help 20 families Build Homes

Housing for Widows and Economically Marginalised Families in Haryana

In a quest to support low-income families achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance, Habitat for Humanity India has partnered with Muthoot Finance Ltd in a housing project to empower 20 families by helping them build decent homes. The project is part of Muthoot's flagship CSR initiative Aashiyana Housing Project. The houses are to be built as per the government-approved, highest engineering standards and will consist of a living room, two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a sanitation unit. All the 20 families currently belong to below the poverty line category and 13 of them are widows. They live in kachha (non-permanent) houses made of mud walls, tarpaulin sheets, and thatched roofs and do not have access to sanitation units.

“Under Aashiyana Housing Project, we have built over 200 homes for people who have lost their shelter during the devastating floods in Kerala. Our mission through the initiative is to provide another fair opportunity for these devastated people to lead better lives. At the core of our operations, Muthoot Group always intends to become a catalyst for positive changes in society through our CSR interventions,” said Shri. George M. George - Deputy Managing Director, Muthoot Finance detailing his company’s vision of the project.

Speaking on this occasion, Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India, elaborated on the project, "One of the key aspects of making the weaker section of the society self-reliant is to provide them with decent homes. This gives them social security and dignity and ensures that they have an asset in their hands. A decent home is a foundation for them to empower themselves and their family."

Habitat for Humanity 2022 Affiliate Conference

Habitat for Humanity 2022 Affiliate Conference

Habitat India’s Managing Director, Dr. Rajan Samuel attended the Habitat for Humanity 2022 Affiliate Conference held from 11th to 14th April 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. Together with Habitat International CEO Jonathan Reckford, other senior leaders, US Affiliates and National Organisations, Dr. Samuel participated in discussion on the future of Habitat for Humanity’s mission and enjoyed opportunities for professional development, networking and reflection. Dr. Samuel gave a unique presentation in Pechakucha style on Habitat India’s innovative Housing Support Services model and also touched upon our Road to Recovery COVID-19 Response at the ‘Speakers’ Corner’ section. The US Affiliates who contribute to Habitat’s mission around the world were presented with special mementoes and merchandise from India in the form of scarves made by Chendamangalam weavers who were supported by Habitat India in the aftermath of Kerala Flood of 2018, mufflers woven by artisans from Assam and artefacts made by craftsmen and women from Odisha who are part of Project Nirmanshree – A Project funded by the European Union.

North and Northeast Block Programs Workshop

North and Northeast Block Programs Workshop

A workshop on the Annual Operating Plan 2023 was conducted at YMCA, Delhi on 20th and 21st April, 2022. Program Managers from the North and North East block presented their work and the team took the opportunity to review progress of current projects and brainstorm on strategies and plans for the upcoming year.

Dr. Rajan Samuel, Managing Director and Pradeep Narayanan, Chief Operating Officer guided the team on the way forward. 

NITI Aayog Conference on Aspirational Districts Program

NITI Aayog Held a Conference on Aspirational Districts Program

On 27th April 2022, a day-long conference on the Aspirational Districts Program was held by Niti Aayog at New Delhi. The conference titled, ‘Sehbhagita se Samruddhi’ was attended by District Collectors and Central Prabhari Officers of Aspirational Districts, officials from Union Ministries, officials of Niti Aayog and representatives from development partners. The partnership between Government and development partners was highlighted in the conference which has been instrumental in improving the impact of schemes while improving the understanding of critical requirements of the districts. Justin Jebakumar, Director - Government Relations represented Habitat India at the conference.

Project Nirmanshree - A Project Funded by the European Union

Project Nirmanshree Updates

5th - 7th April 2022: A district level workshop was conducted on 'Gender Equality and Enabling Women’s Access to the Housing Ecosystem' in Beed and Osmanabad, Maharashtra. 133 women participated in the workshop - 60 in Osmanabad and 73 in Beed. The women were briefed on skill based work and future prospects of housing ecosystem. Mr. Nitin Chavan (District Labour Officer), Mr. R. K. Bagde (District Rural Development Agency Official), Mr. Bandu Khade (Mahatma Phule Economic Development Corporation Official), Mr. D. A. Patil (DIC Office Beed), Ms. Reshma Shaikh (PAC Member) along with the Women Federation members and Self Help Group members attended the workshop.

Project Nirmanshree Updates

10th April 2022: Project Nirmanshree team participated in the cleanliness drive organized by District Health Administration under Swachh Bharat Mission at District Headquarter Hospital Dhenkanal, Odisha. The drive was attended by 78 Government officials along with 10 Nirmanshree Women Federation members, entrepreneurs and the field staff.

Project Nirmanshree Updates

14th April 2022: Two stalls of reusable sanitary pads for women were inaugurated at Vyasanagar, district Jajpur, Odisha. Both the women led enterprises are committed to serve women in their region.

Project Nirmanshree Updates

27th April 2022: A district level workshop was conducted on ‘Issues and Gaps in Executing Different Government Schemes for Advocacy Strategy’ at Jajpur, Odisha. Ms. Jayanti Dalai (Block Chairman, Korei), Mr. Prashant Padhi (Deputy Program Manager - Odisha Livelihood Program), Mr. Deepak Tripathy (State Program Manager – Project Nirmanshree), Mr. Chinmay Singh (MNREGA Coordinator) guided the women entrepreneurs at this workshop.

Mason Training at Dhenkanal, Odisha

Mason Training Conducted at Dhenkanal, Odisha

With support from J.K. Lakshmi Cement Ltd., Habitat for Humanity India organised a training for masons in the Fishery Department training hall at Dhenkanal, Odisha on 22nd April 2022. 30 masons participated in the one-day workshop that focused on capacity building and livelihood enhancement with the objective of upskilling the masons for better livelihood opportunities.

Smart Classrooms in West Bengal

Smart Classrooms in West Bengal

On 30th March 2022, 8 classrooms of Manthano Modern School, Medinipur, West Bengal - transformed into smart classrooms - were handed over to the school. The project supported by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), will equip students through multiple e-learning platforms and enhance their learning abilities. Mr. Malay Ghosh – Sarpanch of Medinipur, School Principal, management team and staff were present at the ceremony.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Response



Till date, we have served 3,69,041 people by providing them with Hygiene and Family Essential Kits and by setting up Habitat Care Centres under Road to Recovery 2.0. Under Road to Recovery 1.0, Habitat India served over 1.32 million people from March 2020 to March 2021.

The crisis is far from over. We request you to consider our urgent appeal and donate now to help Indians affected by the second wave.

You can contribute as an individual or through your company’s CSR department. Write to Mr. Mohan D’Souza, Director - Resource Development on 
[email protected]  

Click here to learn more about or contribute to our COVID-19 response.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Thamaraipakkam prepares for water harvesting and water conservation

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting System in Tamil Nadu

On 8th April 2022, 288 households were handed over the household water harvest system with support of McDermott, a global provider of engineering and construction solutions in Thamaraikappam, Tamil Nadu. Also, de-silting of 3 ponds was initiated on the same day. The interventions are covered under the improving water security through restoration of water bodies and promoting sustainable rain water harvesting initiatives. The villagers will be benefited with increased ground water level in the upcoming summer seasons. Senior officials from McDermott like Mr. Neeraj Agarwal (Managing Director) and Mr. A Maruthappam (Director – Engineering), Ms. Anupriya Dohare (Sr. Specialist – Communications and CSR), Mr. Ashwin Joseph (Senior Principal Office Services - Admin) marked their presence for the event.

Celebrating Habitat Young Leaders Build 2022 Culmination Day

Habitat Young Leaders Build Culmination Day Celebration

On 23rd April 2022, Habitat Young Leaders Build (HYLB) Culmination Day was celebrated with great fanfare. Every year from December to April, youngsters engage in various volunteering, advocacy, fundraising and awareness raising activities in support of affordable housing to help families achieve strength, stability and self-reliance.

Dr. Rajan Samuel (Managing Director - Habitat for Humanity India) flagged off the ‘Mini Run’ organised on the culmination day of HYLB. 101 students from various schools participated in the run. Dr. Rajan also addressed the school students with his motivational words and congratulated them for being agents of change in the society.

The day long culmination included other events like Poster Making, Colloquium and Leadership Hub Training. 49 students took part in poster making while 173 students received certification for their participation in leadership training. A total of 346 supporters from 7 difference states were engaged on the culmination day. Mr. Ajay Singh (Principal, The Punjab Public School) was the judge for Colloquium and he shared his valuable suggestions and guided the participants.

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