Nagamma (60) lives in Bagalur, Karnataka with her husband Venkateshappa (65). Nagamma has three daughters who are married and live far away. She is overcome with emotion while talking about the son she lost to an accident two years ago.

After the accident, Nagamma and her husband had to work hard to earn their living. Nagamma works as a domestic help and gardener, while Venkateshappa works as a labourer on a nearby farm.

Nagamma and her family have lived in a dilapidated house for over 40 years. “The old house was not ideal as it lacked proper infrastructure,” recalls Nagamma. “We had to cook, live and sleep in the same space, which made things very difficult because there were no windows.”

During the monsoon, heavy wind and rain would cause the roof to collapse, flooding the house. Nagamma and her husband had to count on their relatives and relief shelters to take care of them during those trying times. Habitat for Humanity India stepped in to help build a decent home with Nagamma and her family with support from Habitat’s corporate partner Lowe’s.

Nagamma is happy her new Habitat home has partitions and assigned areas in her house for living, cooking and sleeping, a luxury she did  not have before!

She says with a full heart, “We could not be happier. We have all that we could ask for and more! It’s our own home where we are safe. It was something we thought was impossible!”