Community sanitation complexes constructed by Habitat India advocates for collective behaviour change through mobilization of communities to end the practice of open defecation. Habitat India is in partnership with Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) to construct 10 community sanitation complexes with improved sanitation facilities. Construction of three sanitation complex is complete in Sathewadi, Azad Nagar and Jaibhim Nagar in Thane (Maharashtra)

The first community sanitation complex built in Sathewadi, Thane is serving more than 1200 individuals by providing access to 11 toilets for men, 6 toilets for women, 2 toilets for children and 2 for differently abled individuals.

Unique Features of the Community Sanitation Complex

1. Community Driven

Maintenance and operation drive by the community

2. Solar powered electricity

LED lighting with motion and light sensors and solar energy panels with power backup.
Access Cards: Colour coded access cards for men, women, children and the elderly.

3. Social Currency

Each family member using the sanitation complex generates points every time the card is used which will be redeemable at the time of availing other amenities. The cards promote cashless transactions and benefit families by way of social currency. The card will also enable the people to carry out routine transactions like bill payments, ticket bookings etc.

4. Incinerator

Incinerator to dispose sanitary napkins installed in the sanitation complex.

5. The 4G Group

Habitat for Humanity India helped the residents of Sathewadi set up a community group known as the ‘4G Group’. 4G stands for ‘Give, Grow, Gain and Glitter.’ The group visits families door to door, mobilizes them, raises awareness about sanitation, hygiene, health and the importance of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to make India open defecation free. The community is responsible for operation and maintenance of the sanitation complex. The revenue generated through the pay-and-use model is used by the 4G group to take care of operations and maintenance. This ensures sustainability of the project.