On October 14, 2023, as cricket fans across India eagerly anticipated the India vs. Pakistan match in the recently concluded ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, a group of 20 dedicated employees from Bloomberg set out on a different kind of journey. They travelled from Mumbai to Karjat, where they would spend their day in a meaningful way with the families living in Gerachiwadi, a village nestled in the heart of the Karjat block located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Working side by side with the villagers and Habitat India's staff, the Bloomberg team planted a total of 150 fruit-bearing saplings, leaving a lasting mark on this close-knit community.

Reflecting on this experience, P. R. Sanjai, a devoted Bloomberg employee who has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for the past 8 years, shared Mahatma Gandhi's wise words: "India lives in its villages." He added, "It brings me immense happiness to be a part of Bloomberg and Habitat's joint efforts in reaching out to these villages. Becoming a part of these families, through these little efforts, evokes a sense of humility and gratitude."

Habitat for Humanity India has teamed up with Bloomberg with a clear purpose: to improve the living conditions of marginalised families in Maharashtra. The intervention includes the construction of 1 safe and decent home and access to household sanitation through the construction of 8 individual household sanitation facilities. Habitat India organised a plantation drive, bringing together passionate Bloomberg employees for a transformative experience through volunteering.

Ojal Mutyapwar's journey to join the team was an adventure. She missed the bus that transported her teammates to Karjat and had to find her way there alone. "At one point, there was no internet, and I was trying to figure out which way to go. Three hours later, I made it here. And I must say, it was all worth the hustle." Ojal remarked, "I am a fitness freak, and it looks like I burnt a lot of calories today. So, I think I don't have to hit the gym!"

Amidst the hard work, Saswati Banerjee, taking a brief break just before completing the last two of the seven homes allocated to her team, shared her thoughts, "Habitat never fails to reach the grassroots. It reaches those places that we otherwise only read and write about. My absolute favourite thing about today is interacting with the families, understanding their preferences, receiving their blessings, and them naming the saplings after the names of their children. It was a wonderful experience, and undoubtedly a Saturday well spent."

In total, 150 fruit-bearing saplings found their new homes in approximately 30 houses across the village. This joint effort by Bloomberg and Habitat for Humanity India not only enriched the landscape but also the hearts of those involved, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and connection in the Gerachiwadi village.