Chaya Shinde (32), lives with her husband Pandurang and their three children – Tanushka (11), Aryan (10), and Aditi (8) – in Mandava, Osamanabad district, Maharashtra. She was employed as a construction worker along with Pandurang, who is a mason.

Chaya attended the training offered by Project Nirmanshree in construction-related skills and learned that she was quite good at making cleaning products. She attended the Social Enterprises Training Chaya Shinde Osmanabad, Maharashtra and Entrepreneurship Training Program held in September 2021. In the training program, Chaya learned how to build a business and sustain it.

“The toilet cleaning products are household items with a good demand in the village and nearby communities,” says Chaya who identified the need for her product and established her enterprise in June 2022.

What is unique about her enterprise is the network built for marketing and sale of this product. Chaya has assigned two women from Mandava village who are in turn linked with shops in 5 other villages. In total, she has 10 women supporting the sale and earning a commission from it.

“Thanks to the training and handholding support offered by the team of Project Nirmanshree, I have been able to build this business from the ground up and sell products that are important for running the households of many families.” - Chaya.