"This monsoon wouldn’t be any different than usual if we hadn’t partnered with Habitat for Humanity India. We would still be living in a house that could collapse anytime. The walls of our old house were made of brick and mud, and the roof would often leak, rendering the entire house moist. As a result, my daughters would often fall ill and had to miss school.”

Fasabai is a mother of four young girls - Anushka, Tanishka, Manasi, and Samiksha – and lives with her husband and father-in-law. The two men of the household work as daily wage labourers on a farm adjacent to their house in Khed block, located in the Pune district of Maharashtra.

“Now that we have partnered with Habitat India to build a house we can call our own, we don’t have to worry about fixing the roof and walls every monsoon. This year, we feel less anxious about the monsoon. The girls won’t fall ill as often as they did and since now we have a gas connection, Samiksha and Anushka, who are in grade 2 and 3, are glad to have books that are not covered in soot from the firewood.”

Everything matters in building a home: each brick, each tool and each hand. Now that Fasabai’s family has a safe and warm home, she plans to focus on their daughters’ education, health, and a better future.