Habitat’s Young Leaders Build (HYLB) kicked off a campaign on handwash awareness on 5th April 2019. The campaign saw many individuals involved in spreading the awareness through the country by way of distributing IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material and holding sessions on appropriate handwash techniques.

Many Habitat India staff went beyond the call of duty, with young Habitat staff family members involved, from sons and daughters as young as eight years old, to teenagers organizing fundraisers and spreading awareness among their peer groups. The infectious excitement surrounding the handwash campaign gripped those who heard of it, and they too were encouraged to spread awareness on their part.

The HYLB Culmination Day of 13th April 2019 also saw 15,05,889 individuals impacted in just one day through awareness of proper hygiene techniques in handwashing.

Overall, the Habitat Young Leaders Build campaign reached a milestone, impacting over 10 million individuals in the country by the end of this campaign.