Sanghamitra Sahoo, a resident of Odisha, stands as a beacon of empowerment and resilience in her community. In her modest home, nestled amidst the serene landscapes of her village, Sanghamitra's journey unfolds, revealing a tale of determination and growth.

Living in a joint family with her husband, children, and in-laws, Sanghamitra's life revolves around the bonds of kinship and the aspirations of her loved ones. Her husband, Arun Kumar, runs a vegetable-selling business, while her daughter, Lakshmipriya, and son, Atanu Sabyasachi, are pursuing their studies. Amidst the warmth of familial ties, Sanghamitra found herself drawn to Project Nirmanshree, a transformative initiative aimed at empowering women through skill development and entrepreneurship.

Introduced to Project Nirmanshree by a fellow villager, Sanghamitra was captivated by the promise of opportunity it held. Eager to seize the chance for growth, she enrolled in the programme, embarking on a journey of learning and self-discovery. Through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) training, Sanghamitra gained invaluable insights into construction practices and government schemes, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Armed with her RPL certificate, Sanghamitra returned home, her heart brimming with newfound knowledge and confidence. She wasted no time in applying her learnings to improve her own home and guided her neighbours as well. With a keen eye for detail, she advised the local labourers on proper cement mixing and material usage, earning the respect and admiration of her community.

By leveraging her training, Sanghamitra not only contributed to her household but also extended her expertise to train 160 women in various construction aspects, thereby empowering them to forge their own paths to success.

For Sanghamitra, the impact of Project Nirmanshree transcends the realm of skill development; it has breathed new life into her aspirations and instilled within her a sense of confidence and purpose. Through her unwavering determination and dedication, she embodies the true spirit of women's empowerment - the ability to uplift oneself and those around her, one brick at a time.