Amrapali, age 35, has been working in the construction industry for over a decade. She started as a daily-wage construction worker accompanying her husband Navnath who was an assistant mason.

After learning about Project Nirmanshree – a project funded by the EU (European Union), she enrolled along with her self-help group to seek support through the project.

Amrapali attended the Recognition of Prior Learning training for assistant masons followed by the Entrepreneurship Development Program and Government Schemes where she learned how to successfully run and market her business and received an orientation on Government entitlements and schemes available for entrepreneurs.

Shortly after, she registered the business unit receiving the Udhyam registration number issued for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises by the Government of India. Further, she received financial support of INR 40,000 as seed money from Habitat for Humanity. Pooling money with her husband, she bought 100 centring slabs and construction materials worth INR 1,00,000 (1,216 USD).

“I do the book-keeping while my husband delivers the centring materials and collects them on time. This is a very fulfilling business. I am grateful for the exposure and training provided by this project. I can go about my work with much more understanding and confidence now.” says Amrapali.

The construction materials and slabs are rented out to masons and contractors earning them a steady monthly income. She rents the centring slabs at 2 rupees per day helping them earn them around INR 6000 (73 USD) per month.

“My immediate wish is to double the amount of centring slabs available for rent. At the start of the new financial year, I will apply for a subsidised loan from the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme. Then, hopefully we can expand the business further,” says Amrapali.