Habitat India’s Kerala Flood Response program - Rebuilding Kerala – is now in its third phase wherein we are partnering with families affected by the floods to build disaster resilient homes. Habitat India has built 28 disaster resilient homes and repaired 79 homes till date. We have also launched the Umbrella Disaster Awareness Campaign at the National Office of Habitat India in Mumbai.

The campaign talks about 5 P’s - the top 5 things to do when a major disaster is declared. The P stands for Pathways to Permanence which is Habitat’s disaster risk reduction and response approach to assist families standing in the path of disasters to find lasting solutions to their shelter needs.

The five P’s are - Protect, Pack, Plan, Proceed and Place.
Protect your valuables.
Pack essentials like food, water and medicines.
Plan your evacuation route in advance.
Proceed to evacuate the elderly, disabled and children.
Place your family at a disaster relief centre.

The campaign will engage youth, community leaders, partners and the general public to create awareness among 2 million people across 14 districts in Kerala.