On 14th February 2020, the Mina Parekh Community Hall built by Habitat India and the Irula families of Keelalinjipattu, Tamil Nadu was handed over to the community. The hall has a capacity of 100 people and is named after Mina Parekh, a Habitat volunteer born and raised in India, who now lives in the USA. She returned along with  her daughter Megha to help build homes with Irula tribal families.

“My 68-year-old mom and I went to India with Habitat’s Global Village program to build houses,” says Megha Parekh. “I was sceptical of her joining because of her age, her recent recovery from cancer and I thought she couldn’t handle the heat or the work. But I saw her strength and soul first-hand. There is now a community hall with her  name on it where little kids can go learn and play. Her tears of joy said it all!”

Kevin and Stacy Maddox who mobilised the funds for the community hall wanted to honour the spirit of humanity and story of Mina Parekh. This project is part of a unique housing project of 22 Habitat homes built for Irula tribal families with support from our countless volunteers such as Mina, Megha, Kevin, Stacy and our corporate partners.